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We adhere to the four CSR pillars—1) “People-centric,” based on the Group strategy that the growth of our people drives the growth of the company; 2) “Reliable Operations,” in line with our business philosophy that we pursue profit fairly; 3) “Responsible Engagement,” reflecting our corporate citizenship; and 4) “CSR Value Creation,” creating value for both the company and society—in carrying out our priorities.

CSR Value Structure

In line with Doosan Group’s CSR value structure, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction seeks to realize the vision of becoming “Proud Global Doosan” and achieve the goal of “becoming a Top 100 Global CSR Leading Company by 2025.” As such, the company is implementing a corporate governance and strategic framework aimed at systematically achieving sustainable management.

전략체계 전략체계

CSR Committee

The CSR Committee, chaired by the CEO, is the top decision-making ity tasked with the role of identifying global trends, responding swiftly to regulatory demands, examining the company’s CSR performance and sharing/ discussing the initiatives devised to achieve the business goals. The Committee consists of three ESG sub-committees – the Environment, Society and Governance & Finance sub-committees. Under the lead of the Committee Chairman, the executive members of the related sub-committees convene to hold in-depth discussions on strategies for achieving sustainable management.

CSR 위원회 CSR 위원회

External Assessments

Included in the DJSI Korea for six consecutive years

* As of November 30, 2019

ESG evaluation from the Korea Corporate Governance Service
Acquired A grade


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News & Media

News & Media

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Products & Services

Products & Services

We fabricate cast and forged materials, and supply power generation facilities, desalination plants, environmental plants and material handling systems.

Investor Relations

Investor Relations

We have restructured the portfolio to focus on core business areas that ensure future growth and maximum profitability. We are pursuing strategies for stable growth over the long term, thereby maximizing both corporate and shareholder value.

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