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HR System

Based on Doosan’s 2G Strategy, which emphasizes the virtuous cycle between the growth of people and growth of business, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction(DHI) operates a structured HR system, one which exhibits how the company genuinely cares for its employees and wishes to support their growth and development. All the various HR functions, such as recruiting, people development, personnel placement, employee evaluation and compensation are linked together under this structured HR system.

  • 인사제도-웰컴디너
  • 인사제도-회장님 악수
  • 인사제도-신입사원 단체사진
인사제도-웰컴디너 인사제도-회장님 악수 인사제도-신입사원 단체사진

Employee Evaluations & Development Based on Caring Meritocracy

DHI runs an employee evaluation system that focuses on the long term development of its individual employees, rather than using it solely for the purpose of short term compensation. The deep affection and interest that the company holds for its employees are well exhibited in DHI’s HR evaluation and development system. Constant communication is carried out with the employees and fact-based objective and fair evaluations are promoted in order to effectively identify each employee’s strengths and development needs, which are later on reflected in the development plans that are generated for the employees to help cultivate them into global talents.

Employee Pay Based on an Objective & Practical Compensation Scheme

DHI offers employee compensation packages that are based on the employees’ competencies and business performance, in alignment with the company’s practical compensation scheme. The high-caliber talents in particular are compensated with pay that is of the top tier level in the market. Based on the company’s systematic and objective employee evaluations, fair and reasonable compensation scheme and competitive pay policy, DHI employees are offered compensation packages of the highest level.


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Our Aspiration & Core Values

Our Aspiration & Core Values

The Doosan Credo is a set of principles that represent our philosophies and unique way of doing business. These principles have been the foundation of Doosan’s success for the past century. The Credo consists of Doosan’s “Aspiration” and “Core Values”.

Brand Cues

Brand Cues

Brand cues stand for all the methods of expression that Doosan employs to deliver its brand, including its logo, corporate identity, slogans, and communication activities.

Global Performances

Global Performances

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction plays a significant role in driving the nation's economic development by supplying casting and forging products for industrial facilities, power generation facilities for nuclear and thermal plants, desalination plants as well as material handling systems to domestic and global plant markets.

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